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What Do Suppressors Do?

What do suppressors do?

Suppressors reduce the sound made by the release of hot explosive gases from the barrel when a bullet is shot. In other words they make the gun quieter. Not silent, just quieter.

What can’t suppressors do?

There are three primary sounds made when a firearm discharges. The explosion of the propellant, the sonic crack of the super sonic bullet traveling from the muzzle, and on semi-auto weapons, the action cycling. Suppressors can affect one of these – the sound made by the explosion of gunpowder when a firearm is discharged.

Are suppressors legal?

Contrary to popular belief, sound suppressors are legal for private citizens to own in most states.


Where can I buy a suppressor?

Westminster Arms is an NFA Dealer, sometimes referred to as a “Class 3 Dealer”.  We carry a large assortment of suppressors in our full-service gun shop, conveniently located in Arvada, CO. Follow the “CONTACT” tab to inquire about the process.


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