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Incoming transfers are $50.00 including CBI background check, and every additional gun is an additional $15 apiece on a multiple gun transfer.
Transfers include 4473 paperwork, a cup of coffee, and your background check- (Background check fee is $6 if you buy a new gun through the shop).

Outbound transfers are $50 plus shipping material(s), postage, insurance, and additional carrier options are charged a la carte. IE: Adult signature, delivery confirmation, etc.

NFA / Class III Transfers

We will receive your NFA transfers from other Class III dealers or distributors, for a fee of $100. All NFA laws apply, and you MUST contact our NFA specialist to make the proper arrangements. Our store is open Tuesday through Saturday 10-6 pm. You may call us at (303)420-0871 during normal business hours.  

Auction postings

Auction postings including pictures, description, and packaging for shipment- $75 / Hour
This does NOT include Auction fees, postage, insurance, and delivery confirmation charges, or transfer fees.  These individual services are available a la carte, please bring the item(s) to the shop, or call for pricing.


Appraisal pricing in lieu of sales/ auction listings are based on degree of research involved. We currently offer insurance appraisals, as well as estate valuations, at $75/ hour.
Every 5th purchase or transfer, earns you a “Frequent Buyer’s Gift”!

Consignment Program

Westminster Arms is a very favorable location for you to sell your consignment item(s). We believe that 30-60 days is a reasonable amount of time to give your consignments the exposure they need to sell. Some items such as “high end collectables” may require additional time to sell, in order to target the right buyer(s).  

  • $75.00 fee if picked up before 30 days, regardless of consignment price, or amount of time on display.
  • Total charge is 20% of the Sale Price.
  • Consignee stipulates that their consignment is in safe working order, unless otherwise noted.
  • Consignee MUST pass a background check ($6 fee) if taking their item(s) back. No exceptions for any reason, per the BATFE

**Consignment client MUST acknowledge the fee structure(s), and agrees to the above outlined terms in order to consign.**


Layaway Policy


  • If item price is Less than $1,000, minimum $100 Down and 60 Days to pay in full.
  • If item price is $1,000 or more,  minimum 15% Down and 60 Days to pay in full.
  • Layaway can be extended by 1 month for a $25.00 Fee, with W.A. management’s approval.
  • Forfeited Layaway is non-refundable after 60 days from original Layaway date. 
  • All deposits not used towards firearm purchase within the allotted 60 days can only be recovered as in-store credit.
  • All items picked up from Layaway require a background check ($6 fee), and in the event you don’t pass the background check or appeal, you will be charged 50% of the item’s Layaway price, to compensate for the item not being available for sale during the layaway.  There will be no exceptions to this Layaway policy.  
  • Layaway  client MUST acknowledge the fee structure(s), and agrees to the above outlined terms in order to participate in our Layaway program~