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General Gunsmithing Work

Gunsmith – 303-423-6444 

Parts are not included in this pricing guide
P.O.R = Price on Request

Hourly Labor Rate – $69 per hour – ½ hour minimum
Machine Hourly Rate – $139 per hour – 1 hour minimum
Minimum Charge per Firearm – $30
Written Appraisals/ Estimates – $69 per hour- 1 hour minimum


Detail clean firearm* – $69 minimum
*Includes complete disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning, rust/corrosion removal, lubrication, assembly and basic function tests
Remove obstruction from bore – Hourly Rate (½ hour min.)
Remove stuck case from chamber – Hourly Rate (½ hour min.)
Remove stuck live round(s) from firearm – Hourly Rate (1 hour min.)
Test fire customer firearm – $25 + ammunition cost
Bore sighting – $30

Aftermarket Work

Scope mounting (pre-drilled receivers) – Includes alignment & boresighting $49
Lap scope rings – $45
Install Aftermarket Trigger (drop-in) – $45
Install Aftermarket Trigger (custom fitted) – Hourly rate ($45 min.)
Glass Bed and Float Barrel – $120 min
Glass Bed, Pillar Bed and Float Barrel – $150 min
Smooth Action – Hourly rate (1 hour min)
Bob hammer spur – $69
1911 pistol custom work – P.O.R.
Pistol sight installation/replacement – Standard dovetail – $19.99 for Glocks, $29.99 for most others
Pistol sight installation/replacement – Custom fitted sights – P.O.R.
Trigger jobs – $69 minimum + parts
Metal finishing and/or bluing/parkerizing – P.O.R.
Stock refinishing/restoration – P.O.R.
Laser or hand engraving – P.O.R.

AR-15 and AR-10 Style Rifle Work

Install standard delta ring AR15/AR10 handguard – $19
Install free-float AR15/AR10 handguard & barrel nut – $49
Install or replace AR15/AR10 gas block – $35
Thread AR15/AR10 barrel – $150
Install or replace AR15/AR10 barrel – $69
Install or replace barrel (other firearms) – Hourly Rate
Install and time AR15/AR10 flash hider or muzzle device – $25
Assemble AR15/AR10 lower receiver – $49
Install or replace AR15/AR10 buttstock and buffer tube – $29

This is not a complete list of the gunsmithing services that we provide. If you require work not listed here, please feel free to inquire at 303-423-6444, or in person. These prices represent our normal fees for the work listed, but unusual firearms or parts may incur additional fees. We can not guarantee pricing until we have had the opportunity to visually inspect the firearm in person. Please bring your firearm(s) to our shop, and we will be happy to provide you with an accurate estimate.