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Gun Forums

He are some of the forums that we have chosen to link to that may provide good information. There are many types of gun forums, from AR-15 information, carry defensive, and many handgun informational forums.


  • AR-15 – All things AR-15, Ak-47 and Rifle Related.
  • Arms Locker – Arms Locker is an open gun and firearm community for all gun owners!
  • Defensive Carry – Conceal Cary, Open Carry, Firearms, Holsters, Edged Weapons, Tactical Equipment, Training, Law Enforcement.
  • Ruger Pistol Forums – The original Elsie Pea Forum – The premier Ruger Forum that features a ton of information on various Ruger Pistols.
  • Glock Talk – A forum for those who are serious about learning everything there is about Glock pistols.
  • Gun Blast – General Information from Jeff Quinn
  • Page Nine – Gun Law Forum
  • L.W. Seecamp Forum – A forum of the company L.W. Seecamp that manufactures fine firearms.
  • XD Talk – An information resource dedicated entirely to the Springfield Armory’s XD and XD(m) handguns.