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Are You an Ethical Hunter?

With hunting season in full swing, it’s time to ask ourselves ir we are hunting ethically. If you were to read about your latest hunting trip, how would you rate yourself? Are you exercising safety, taking the proper steps to assure one shot, one kill? Are you or anyone in your party still tipsy from the night before, or are you using any medications that could impair your judgement? What about that old bird shot, does it contain lead? We are the ambassadors for an ethical hunting culture, let’s make sure to represent the sport in the best possible light, and pass on our ehtical hunting heritage to the next generation of hunters. Be safe, take good shots, ask to hunt on private land well in advance of the planned outing, etc. Good hunting to you and yours, and we are always here to help you with guns, ammo, cleaning supplies, suppressors, and gunsmithing. 
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